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How To Track Pan Card Online [Step By Step Guide]

How To Track Pan Card Online: Permanent Account Number is one of the most important documents in India. All the eligible taxpayers expected to have a PAN Card. PAN has been made necessary by the government of India to do all the financial transactions to be traced to a PAN Card.

If you want to open a bank account, file your income tax, buy immovable property, rent a house etc. All these activities need your PAN Number. It is an important document which is required to apply for a passport.

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You can easily apply for a PAN card through various websites as the government has made the PAN application process simple. You can apply for a new PAN, as well as a duplicate PAN without any hassle. After making the successful application for a PAN you can track the status of your application easily.

How To Track Pan Card Online

How To Track Pan Card Online

You must have the application number to track the application status of your PAN. It will take around 15 working days for an individual to get his/her PAN after making the application for the same. To facilitate the applicant government has made it easy for him/her to track the application status. PAN status simply the delivery status of hard copy of a PAN card.

How to track the PAN Card Status Online?

Online tracking of PAN Application is one of the popular and fastest methods of tracking. You need to follow the simple steps to change the application status.

1. Login the official website of PAN, TIN-NSDL and navigate to the PAN section of the website.

2. Go for the option to check the status of PAN application.

3. Select the application type i.e. New/ Change Request.

4. Fill the acknowledgment number. (In the absence of this number you need to fill the details mentioned below)

5. Type your name.

6. Date of birth in DD/MM/YY format.

When you apply for a PAN through UTI is provided with “Application Coupon Number” at the time of application.

How to track the PAN Card Status by coupon number?

If you have applied for a PAN through UTI you can check the status of your PAN by coupon number. You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.

1. Visit the link

2. Fill your application number or coupon number

3. Click the “Check Status” button

4. You PAN status will be on the screen.

How to track the PAN Card Status on e-Mudra?

1. Visit the e-Mudra Portal
2. Enter the reference number, date of birth and verify it through the automatic system request.
3. Click ‘Submit’ to check see the status of your application.

What are the alternatives to PAN?

Form 60 used as an alternative to a PAN, you can use this form for the certain transactions which require a PAN number. Non-Resident Indians can fill form 60 instead of PAN, as PAN card is not mandatory for them. No doubt PAN Card is a useful document and definitely useful for the financial transactions. Apart from the huge financial transactions, you require a PAN to pay a bill over Rs.25000 in a restaurant.

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How to get a PAN Card within 48 after application?

You can get your PAN Card usually within 5 working days if the status of your application is under the process at IT department. Generally, it will take 2 weeks once you receive the physical PAN. Earlier applying for a PAN card used to be a long process, now the fast track process is introduced by the department.

Steps to apply for a PAN in 48 hours?

By following these steps you can get your PAN card in 2 days.

1. Visit the NSDL website and go for the Application form from the options found.

2. Read all the instruction carefully and select the appropriate type of the form to apply.

3. After filing all the information you need to submit the essential documents by uploading them along with application form.

4. Upload the relevant documents and submit the form.

5. You will receive an acknowledgment number in the form of your application number. This number is required to track your application.

6. You will get your PAN card via registered post once the details submitted by you have been verified and processed. How To Track Pan Card Online.

List of Documents Required for Pan Card [Updated 2018]

List of Documents Required for Pan Card: To apply for a PAN you need to submit a certain set of documents for identification purpose. You can apply for a PAN either online or offline. There are two types of application forms are available to apply for a PAN. Form 49A and for the foreigners is Form 49AA.

The documents for each type of PAN applications are different and depends on the entities that are applying for it. Let’s check the set of documents required by the various entities in order to apply for a PAN Card.

List of Documents Required for Pan Card

List of Documents Required for Pan Card

Documents Required

In order to submit the application for your PAN, you need to upload several documents to PAN services unit website. You require to upload proof of ID, address, date of birth and a passport size photograph.

ID Proof

The documents which are required as proof of identity for a PAN are mentioned below.
1. Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI.
2. Electro photo ID card
3. Driving License.
4. Passport.
5. Ration card containing the photograph of the applicant.
6. Arms license
7. Pensioner card with a photograph of the applicant.
8. Bank Certificate on the original letterhead from the branch with name, stamp and issuing officer and attested photo and bank account number of the applicant.

Proof of Address

With the Photo ID, you require an address proof of your application. You need to fill the following documents with your form.

1. Aadhaar Card

2. Voter ID card

3. Driving License

4. Passport

5. Latest Property tax assessment order.

6. Electricity/Water bill.

7. Bank Statement showing the address of the applicant.

8. Credit card statement.

9. Gas connection card or book or piped gas bill.

Date of Birth Proof

1. Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Authority or any office authorized to issue Birth & Death Certificate by the Registrar.

2. Pension payment order

3. Marriage certificate issued by Registrar of Marriages.

4. Matric Certificate.

5. Passport

6. Driving license

7. Domicile Certificate issued by the government.

8. Affidavit of the date of birth.


You require two recent passport size photographs for the PAN Card application.

Documents required for PAN card application by Companies
The term company includes the following entities.

1.Company: Registration certificate issued by Registrar of Companies.

2. Partnership Firm: Limited Liability Company.

3. Trust

Copy of certificate of registration number issued via Charity Commissioner or Copy of the trust deed.

Association of Person, Body of Individuals, Local Authority or Artificial Judicial person
Certificate of registration number issued by charity commissioner of a certificate issued by registrar of cooperative society or equivalent authority or any document which is received from Central or State Government Department fulfilling the identification criteria of such person.

In case of Company and partnership firm, you need to submit the documents mentioned below.

ID Proof

Registration Certificate issued to the company on the approval to set up an office in India Authorities.

Address Proof

Certificate of Registration issued in the country of residence of the applicant.

You must ensure that all the documents which are used to apply for a PAN must be as per the format issued by IT Department.

In case you have any queries to the documents required for a PAN Card Application you can call the toll free number-1800-180-1961 or the customer care of NSDL e-gov at 020-27218080. You can email your queries at [email protected] List of Documents Required for Pan Card.

PAN Card Status By PAN Number [Step By Step Guide with Images]

PAN Card Status By PAN Number: Permanent Account Number is an essential document for every tax-paying entity in India. PAN card also serves as proof of identity and also required to file the Income Tax Return.

Apart from this you also require a PAN for opening a bank account, take a loan from bank etc.

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So the government of India simplified the process of PAN an applicant can get it through online as well as offline. Once you apply for a PAN you can check the status of your application on NSDL or UTIITSL websites.

PAN Card Status By PAN Number

PAN Card Status By PAN Number

The applicants how applied for a change in the details or information on their PAN need to submit a fresh application for PAN. Same is the case with PAN card lost/stolen or misplaced.

After successful submission of the PAN card application, you can track its status through PAN number. In order to check the status of your PAN by PAN number you need to visit the UTIITSL website and click the link to the PAN portal.

You need to select the option ‘Track PAN Card Application Status’ on the menu. Type your PAN Card number which is already allotted and the captcha text, the current status of your case will be displayed onscreen.

For a valid PAN Card, you must update your details on your PAN Card. To do this you need to make a correction to your PAN card simple and easy. This is similar to make for new PAN card application in Form 49A. The correction can be done in your PAN is given below.

1. Correction or change in PAN Card holder’s name.

2. Correction in Father’s name.

3. Change in Date of birth.

4. Changes in the address of the PAN holder.

5. Any other change in PAN card.

Step to follow to correct the mistakes in PAN Card?

You must check twice while applying for a new PAN Card. If you have accidentally filed any wrong information, unclear photo, unclear signature etc. don’t worry you can make it correct. You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Visit the official website of IT department and click the option “Online Application for Changes” or “Correction in PAN Data”.

Scroll down on the page opened and select the field you want to change.

A new online form will be on the screen. Make the necessary changes and fill in the application carefully. Click the ‘Submit’ button after making the required changes.

Make the payment, through the given modes you will get an acknowledgement which is required for the further process. You will get the PAN Card after the necessary changes made by you.

PAN Card Status By PAN Number

1. This facility is available to the individual who is citizen of India and residing in India.

2. A new PAN card with the same PAN number will be issued and corrected data is updated in the database of Income Tax Department’s data.

Whether you applied for a new PAN or requested for a change in PAN card the tracking status time will be same. You can track the status of your PAN card 5 days after the generation of acknowledgment or coupon number.

It will take 15 days to get your PAN if all the documents are found in order. In case of change or reprint of PAN Card, processing might take 25 days. PAN Card Status By PAN Number.

PAN Card Status By Name and Date of Birth [Step By Step Guide]

PAN Card Status By Name and Date of Birth: PAN card is an essential document to keep the tax details of a person. Apart from that, it finds the Income Tax Return and large financial transactions. A PAN card includes a number of inquiries about a person who is having a PAN Card.

The process of getting a PAN is straightforward when to apply for a PAN card through online. After applying for a PAN Card you can check the status of the PAN. It is necessary for the people who are having a PAN card.

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In the absence of PAN Card, there are great chances that you might be taxed at higher rates. On the other hand, the status will help to give current details about your Income tax and other financial transactions.

PAN Card Status By Name and Date of Birth

PAN Card Status By Name and Date of Birth

The status of PAN Card comes when the PAN Application has been made but the card has not yet been received by the applicant. PAN status means the facility available to the holders of PAN card to check the PAN status.

The online facility of PAN Card status provides relevant information to the holder of PAN card about their PAN card delivery status. Once you applied for a PAN you can check the details about your PAN. It is the delivery status of the hard copy of PAN Card.

Who can check the Status of PAN?

An applicant who has applied for a PAN can check the PAN status using the 15-digit acknowledgment number. Using this number you can track the PAN Card through online PAN status portal.

Steps to check the status of your PAN by name and date of birth

You can check the status of your PAN application with username and date of birth. So you don’t need to fill the acknowledgment/ coupon number. You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.

1. Login the official website

2. Under application type select the option PAN-New/Change Request.

3. Click the little circle next to “Name”

4. Fill your name and Date of birth.

5. Name must be same as it is submitted in the application form.

6. You can check the status of PAN card using name and date of birth after 24 hours once you submit the application online.

What happens if you don’t have a PAN Card?

If your income falls into the taxable bracket and you have not applied for a PAN. You must apply for it you are paying a flat 30% tax on your income, wealth as stipulated by the Income Tax Department.

Not having a PAN means you are unable to buy a motor vehicle, immovable property worth Rs.10 lakh. Moreover, you cannot open an account with any bank in the country.

PAN Transaction Status

There are various facilities available to you when you apply for a PAN Card. You can pay the application fee through online banking, demand draft, credit or debit card.

The transaction status refers to those who have paid using their online banking or credit/debit card it is available in TIN-NSDL.

After that, you need to go to the Transaction Status page where you get the current update about PAN application.

In the next step, you need to provide the Transaction Status Page which has been allotted after the payment has been made by you. PAN Card Status By Name and Date of Birth.

How To Do Pan Card Printing [Step By Step Guide with Images]

How To Do Pan Card Printing: PAN card is issued by the Income Tax Department of India to get this an applicant must have to submit the same documents and the information required. After the submission of PAN application form, it will take 15-20 days to get a PAN card.

You can submit the application online as well as offline mode. If you want to apply online you need to visit the NSDL website and fill the online application for PAN and upload the documents as mentioned in the form.

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In case you go for the offline mode you need to download the application form for PAN from the NSDL website and submit the filled-in form along with the supporting documents to PAN service center near to your residence.

How To Do Pan Card Printing

How To Do Pan Card Printing

Looking for how to download PAN Card online then right place you visited. If you have lost or misplaced your PAN no need to panic! You can simply download ePAN card in Pdf format. You can also apply for a duplicate copy with the same details.

In April 2017 Central Board of Direct Taxation has introduced the Electronic PAN (ePAN) card which is sent by email to the applicants when they apply for new one. If you are applying for individuals then you can also download the same without any hassle.

How To Do Pan Card Printing

1. Download the PAN Card Service App

2. Install the app on your android phone (device)

3. Enter your Name, Birthdate and Address.

4. Just click the download button.

5. You have successfully downloaded.

This e-PAN facility is started by UTIITSL/NSDL and it is available for applicants who have applied for the new PAN. You need to provide your email id while applying for PAN, if you have provided your email id during the registration then you can download from the email. In the absence of email id at the time of registration, you cannot get this facility.

After the issuance of the PAN card an email is sent on your registered email ID with PDF of the attached ePAN. You can directly download the PAN card in pdf format.

If you have not provided email id during the card registration then you can download the card online. But in this card your picture and signatures are not available. You can also apply for a duplicate copy with the same details.

Who can apply for a new PAN card?

An applicant who never applied for a PAN or does not have PAN allotted to him/her. You can visit the official website of Income Tax Department to find whether a PAN has been allotted to him or not.

What is reprinting of PAN card?

An applicant who has already allotted a PAN card he/she might have misplaced it. A new PAN bearing the same PAN is issued to the applicant. While filing this form you should not select any of the check box on the left margin of the form.

Although the check box for item no 7 Address for communication will be selected by default as this address will be updated in the data of Income Tax Department.

Changes or correction in PAN details

You can use this application when a PAN is already been allotted to the applicant, but there is mistake in the details of the applicant.

You can correct that mistakes in your PAN you will get a new PAN with updated information. You must fill the form and recheck it in order to avoid the mistakes in your PAN card. How To Do Pan Card Printing.

Pan Card Status By Name [Step By Step Guide with Images]

Pan Card Status By Name: PAN number is one of the most important documents that an Indian should have. It is 10-digit alphanumeric number uniquely allotted to the PAN cardholder.

It is the valid proof of your identity while doing financial transactions. It is a compulsory document, in the absence of a PAN card you cannot file your Income Tax Return.

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Apart from this, there are many activities which require a PAN Card such as purchasing and selling of fixed assets. So it becomes necessary to apply for a PAN Card and track its status too.

Pan Card Status By Name

Pan Card Status By Name

Once you apply for a PAN it will take 15 working days you will get your PAN after applying it. To simplify this procedure the government has provided a 15 digit acknowledgment number to each applicant. You can track your PAN between three modes mentioned below.


You can track the application status through your phone easily. You can check your PAN status within the stipulated time but after 3 days of submission of the application form. You need to send an SMS on NSDLPAN after it you need to type your 15-digit acknowledgment number and it should be sent to 57575. You will receive an SMS which shows the status of your PAN.


You can track your PAN card application simply by calling the call center of TIN in order to get the update about the current application status of PAN card.


You can opt for the online facility for tracking your PAN application through TIN-NSDL website. As it is the official website of PAN card and it is one of fastest mode of tracking your PAN. You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.

1. Visit the official website of PAN card TIN-NSDL.

2. Click the option checking the status of PAN application.

3. You need to select the application type and provide the certain information such as acknowledgment number, full name and date of birth.

4. After filing the information you will be directly directed to the page that contains the current status of PAN application.

The application of PAN status comes in when you have already applied for a PAN but not yet received it. An applicant can get the facility to check the respective PAN card status online. You can get the online relevant information about your PAN card and delivery status as well.

PAN Card Status by Name?

In case you forgot your PAN number you can search it by your name or the date of birth. You need to enter the required PAN verification data into the form then you will get your PAN. You can check the PAN card number by visiting the Income Tax Department e-Filing Website. You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.

1. Visit the e-filing website and click on “Know Your PAN”.

2. Enter your Date of Birth in a format DD/MM/YYYY format.

3. Enter your surname, then your middle name and first name.

4. Enter Captcha Code which is shown on the screen.

5. Click on submit.

Once you finished the above-mentioned steps you will get the following details.

1. PAN Number

2. First Name

3. Middle Name.

4. Surname

5. Jurisdiction

6. Remarks stating the card is active, inactive or any other status.

That’s all about the Pan Card Status By Name

How To Change Name in Pan Card Online [Step By Step Guide]

How To Change Name in Pan Card: PAN Card is an ultimate identity which is required to do the financial activities. You need to show your PAN number for the government as well as private establishments. A PAN name change may be required due to various reasons.

The common reasons for change including marriage, divorce, misspelled a name, change of name etc. The PAN card name change procedure is simple you can do it yourself. To update the existing PAN details you need to fill the form Request for New PAN Card.

In order to change your name in PAN card, you must ensure that you have legally changed. This is done via making an affidavit, Newspaper Publication and Gazette Notification regarding the change of your name. You must attach your name to PAN a copy of Gazette Notification so that the respective authority take it as a proof and will issue a new PAN Card to you in your new name.

How To Change Name in Pan Card Online [Step By Step Guide]

How To Change Name in Pan Card

1. You need to apply for a change or correction in PAN data. You can apply via online through a PAN Change Request Form.

2. Fill the form including all mandatory and important fields. State the correct data on the information fields that you want to change in your existing PAN.

3. Before submitting your application form you must ensure that you have the following documents with you.

The documents recognized as a proof of identity are affidavit, newspaper publication and gazette notification regarding the change of your name. School diploma or certificate, bank statement, passport, voter ID card, driver’s license, credit card, marriage license etc. A minor can pass submit the documents of his/her parents or Student ID card.

You need to carry all the documents to the department which looks after PAN card issuing or any agency who deals with issuing PAN card. If you want to do this process online you need to visit the website and make the required changes in ‘changes and correction’ section.

After doing the necessary alterations you need to submit it. After this process a new PAN will be issued to you within 15 days from the date of online application.

How To Change Name in Pan Card

PAN card name change form can be printed, completed and submitted online. While applying for a name change in your PAN you must remember the points mentioned below.

1. Fill the form in English with a black pen.

2. Mention the allotted PAN in the place provided in the form.

3. Affix two color passport size 3.5cm x 2.5 cm photographs in the place provided.

4. Sign within the box provided and across the photo.

5. Mention all the detail legibly and correctly.

6. The name and address and other important data must be same both in the documents as well as in the form.

7. Don’t forget to pay the application fee.

After filing the PAN change request form you need to tick the box on the left hand side margin of the form to indicate where change is required.

How To Change Name in Pan Card

Is there any mistake in the name of your PAN or you want to make some correction you can rectify it through your Aadhaar card. You must ensure that you must have Aadhaar card and registered mobile number with Aadhaar card.

1. Visit the link and register here.

2. Select the application type changes or correction in current PAN data.

3. Type your name, date of birth, mobile number and Email ID and click submit.

4. You will get a token number note this number, click on continue with PAN application form.

5. Fill the PAN application form.

6. Enter your PAN Number and Aadhaar Number.

7. Type your correct name, date of birth and gender.

8. Fill the details required in the form.

9. Pay RS. 115.90 as application fee via online net banking or debit card.

10. Now authenticate your Aadhaar card.

11. Click continue with e-KYC in the next screen.

12. You will get OTP PIN on your Aadhaar card registered mobile number.

13. Enter that code and submit it.

Congrats! You have successfully done PAN Card Name change.

How To Find Area Code for Pan Card [Step By Step Guide]

How To Find Area Code for Pan Card: When you apply for a PAN you need to fill the AO code is meant to identify the jurisdiction that an applicant falls under. AO stands for Assessing Officer it is asked at the top of the form and consists of various elements. AO code stands to identify that which jurisdiction can be linked directly to the taxations.

As these codes tell the appropriate authorities what tax laws apply to a person? The tax slabs vary as per the category as an individual has to pay different rates of taxes as compared to a company (Pan Card Status). An AO code is different for the people who are serving the Army or the Air Force. To ensure the individual and companies are taxed as per the appropriate rules the AO code is essential.

How To Find Area Code for Pan Card

How To Find Area Code for Pan Card

AO Code: The officers are assigned to each area to assess the taxation of the people in an area. An AO code is on the form 49A, which shows that it is formed through the combination of multiple elements. The four elements that create an AO code.

Area Code: To identify the geographic location of an individual or a company, the area is assigned this code consists 3 letters.

AO Type: The type facilitates the department to identify the type of PAN card holder as an individual or a company etc.

Range Type: As per the permanent address of a PAN holder, they are assigned a Range Type which helps to identify the ward or circle that they live in.

AO Number: A numerical value that is published by NSDL and it is the last part of the AO Code.

Area code for the Defense Personnel Army PNE
Category Area Code Air-Force DEL
Area code for other applicants Individual (P) 1.Salaried
Applicant Status A.O. Code criteria NA


How To Find Area Code for Pan Card

1. Select the criteria you qualify whether you are an individual, company etc.

2. Select the address based criteria you meet.

3. Download the appropriate list of AO codes from the NSDL website.

4. Open the list in the file using Excel and use the search function to search for your city.

5. Once you find your city in the list check the “Additional Description” field to check if your area is included in that code.

6. After finding the correct code you need to make a note of the Area Code, AO Type, Range Type & the AO number.

Visit the link and below that page, you will see Search a city you need to click the first letter of your city. All the cities of that alphabet will be displayed on your screen. You need to select your city you can check the Ward/Circle/Range Commissioner, Area Code, AO type, Range Code and AO number with a description from that link.

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The list of AO Code helps a PAN applicant to choose the AO codes under whose jurisdiction the applicant of new PAN falls. As per the policy of Income Tax Department the AO code for a PAN may be changed over time. You can contact the local Income Tax Office in order to check which AO your PAN falls. How To Find Area Code for Pan Card.

How To Get Duplicate Pan Card [Step By Step Guide with Images]

How To Get Duplicate Pan Card: PAN card is an important document which we need in our day to day life. We require a PAN card for making financial transactions, salary purpose, Purchase up to a certain amount and much more.

It’s better to keep PAN Card with you but on the other hand the chances of losing it increases. A large number of people lost their PAN Card on a daily basis that why the government has provided sufficient measure to ensure a duplicate PAN is simple to get.

How To Get Duplicate Pan Card

How To Get Duplicate Pan Card

You can apply for a duplicate PAN when your card gets lost, stolen, misplaced, damaged or your PAN card contains mistakes. Here are some reasons you need to apply for a duplicate PAN card.

Loss or theft

We all carry our PAN card in our wallets, there are a large number of chances of getting theft of a wallet. Though it is the major reason you need to apply for a duplicate PAN.


A PAN card can be damaged due to various reasons leave us with no option but to reprint it.

Changes of Details

There are great chances of errors to creep into a PAN card. If you require changing something you need to reprint it.

The process to get a duplicate PAN is very simple. First of all, you need to file an FIR for your lost PAN Card. So that you can request for a reprint of your PAN by giving the reference to your old PAN Card and a copy of your FIR.

Most people don’t follow the legal process and instead, they apply for a new PAN card (pan card status). You can apply for a duplicate PAN if you have been already allotted a PAN card. The PAN number doesn’t change, you will get a new PAN Card with other modifications if you mentioned for that.

How To Get Duplicate Pan Card [Step By Step Guide]

1. Visit NSDL Official Site

2. You need to click the link titled “Apply Online” and you will be redirected to another page.

3. Click the ‘Application Type’ and go for the option “Changes or Correction in existing PAN Date.

4. Choose the relevant ‘Category’ such as individual, company etc.

5. Fill your information, and answer which has been given in the ‘Title’

6. Give your surname or last name and then give your first name and middle name.

7. Mention your date of birth including month, year and date.

8. Fill your email ID, mobile number and citizenship.

9. After filling all the information you must recheck it.

10. Enter the Captcha Code and submit the form.

11. If all the details submitted by you are correct you need to submit it.

12. After the filing of the form, you need to provide the documents like ID proof, date of birth and photos must be submitted. You can submit proof of the existing PAN card which you wish to reprint.

13. You need to pay an amount of Rs.110/- including of taxes to get your PAN delivered within India and for aboard you need to pay Rs.1020/- including taxes. Payment can be made either through net banking, debit/credit or DD.

14. All supporting documents must be submitted to get an acknowledgment. Which is a 15-digit number which is used for future correspondence with respective authorities.

15. You PAN will be dispatched once the verification of your documents will be done. It will take around 2 weeks’ time for the same.

If you are a registered user, you will get the temporary token number, email ID and date of birth. While applying online application, you can go for the option provide a physical acknowledgment, Aadhaar based e-Sign or Digital Signature Certificate.

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You need to submit the scanned images of signature, photograph and other documents in case you go for Aadhaar based e-Sign or Digital Signature Certificate.

In case the data has been submitted by you fails with respect to format level validation a response indicating error will be displayed on the screen. Rectify all the errors and re-submit the form. In the absence of errors, a confirmation screen will all the details you filed will be displayed. How To Get Duplicate Pan Card.

Pan Card Cancellation: Step By Step Guide + Check Pan Cancel Status

Pan Card Cancellation: The specific need to apply for PAN card cancellation in any situation mentioned above. They can apply for the same via two methods, i.e., either offline or online. An individual may choose to acquire the cancellation of his PAN card by:

• Personally visiting the registered NSDL TIN aide center

• Might want to do the same with the aid of the registered online portal offered at the official website of the IT Department

Pan Card Cancellation: Step By Step Guide + How To Check Pan Card Cancel Status

Two Ways for PAN Card Cancellation

Offline Method: The addressee can also apply for PAN Card canceling technology by visiting the specified PAN Centres by pursuing the below-mentioned steps:

• The individual must load form 49A sold at any NSDL TIN facilitation middle. The form is stuffed to make PAN Card corrections.

• The candidate may also apply corrections or any adjustments to his PAN cards by addressing an app in the form of a letter to the immediate assessing officer in charge of the area. The letter should contain valid details of the addressee. The main points so provided must be true to its nature. The different details that contain to be provided by the applicant are:

Name of the addressee: The applicant must provide his correct name in the letter. The name so provided ought to be the same as it appears on other legal documents of the applicant.

Address of the addressee: The candidate should mention his accurate address on the page. The address provided should be the applicant’s valid residential address.

Advice about the Pan card that must be canceled or surrendered: The applicant has to mention clear details of the extra PAN greeting cards possessed by him/her and those which he/she would like to surrender.

Information about the PAN card that should be retained: The candidate also has to talk about clear details of the PAN card which he wishes to hold with him/her.

The individual needs to make sure that he/she collects a reputation copy of the notification submitted by him/her to the officer in control. Once the letter is received from the department, the applicant doesn’t have to contact the department again as a way to make certain that the extra PAN Card possessed by him has been canceled. Pan Card Cancellation

Online Method: The assessed may apply for the canceling of the PAN Credit card online by using the below-mentioned steps:

• He has to login to the registered site of the Indian IT Department offered by

• This individual needs to then read the provided instruction on the screen as a way to complete the form. Having done that, he must get into the relevant details. The facts so provided must be valid and true

The addressee can also apply for the same by filling out the ‘PAN Change Request’ App form. He can do this by following the below-mentioned steps:

• He needs to log in to the registered site of the IT Office and click on ‘PAN Change Request’ application form.

• He has to fill out the shape faithfully with correct information. The candidate has to fill out the details of the PAN which is being used currently on the side the application form.

• Ask for application Form, if any changes are required to be made.

As a responsible Indian Citizen, its a responsibility of every taxpayer to hold PAN cards. The taxpayer must also ensure that you hold only one PAN Card at any given point of the time. Keeping more than one PAN Card is against the law and can attract punishment. Doing so will save a person from various hassles that he may have to suffer if found possessing more than one PAN Card.

A good Credit rating Score increases the chance of getting a loan or Visa or MasterCard.

Reasons for Cancellation of PAN Amount

• Errors in the Details Printed on the PAN Card

• Multiple PAN numbers issued by the IT Department

Pan Card Cancellation

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