Difference Between NSDL And UTI Pan Card [Proper Comparision]

Difference Between NSDL and UTI: PAN (Permanent Account Number) is a alphanumeric unique code generated and extreamly important document for tax payer in India or any other legal activity involving money along with money transaction above a certain limit and most importantly proof of all the income sources of a person. It is allotted by income tax department of India.

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After going through this article you will have some of useful information along with the significant difference between both the company and their services provided.

Difference Between NSDL And UTI Pan Card

Difference Between NSDL And UTI Pan Card

NSDL and UTI these are the two most common company name one might have heard by the people applying for pan card or its modification. But very few really know about them, despite of them being common.

NSDL ( National Securities Depository Limited)

National Securities Depository Limited is a capital market Indian company situated in Mumbai. NSDL provide PAN card services to citizen of India, services are also available online for ease and minimising discomfort.

Along with the issue of PAN card, other facilities like card re-issue, re-printing are also provided in several cases where card holder lost it or got theft.

Any false details provided at the time of PAN card application is a punishable offence. But if by mistake any data got misprinted or any change is to be made in PAN card that could be done through applying in NSDL for any modifications.

1. NSDL charges around 106 INR for issuing new PAN card.

2. Correction charges are also 106 INR, but the only condition for modifications is to provide valid documentation for legal verification before making any changes to PAN card.

3. PAN card number allotment takes approximately 7 to 10 days.

4. NSDL provide delivery of PAN card at the mentioned Indian address within 25 days of PAN card no. Allotment.

5. Hard or physical copy of pan will get delivered.

6. Toll free number is not present for customer support, one has to file any complain or queries online over their website.

One has to follow several easy steps in the process regarding PAN card through NSDL:-


• For new PAN card, one has to fill a simple form which is available on NSDL official website.

• Soon after filling form, customer needs to make payment of 106 INR by any online medium.

• PAN card correction form is to filled for any correction process and valid documents should be given as a reference or proof.

• Amount of 106 INR is to be charged.

• All above mentioned steps are to be followed.

• Re-issue form is to be filled available online on NSDL website.

• Price of 106 INR is to be paid.

UTI ( UTI Infrastructure Technology And Service Limited)

UTIITSL is owned by government and provide services to both Indian financial as well as government sector. One of its services is to provide PAN card. Under PAN card service provided by UTI, one can apply for new issue of PAN card along with correction, modifications, re-issue and reprinting of PAN card. Easy access to all of the above mention services are available to citizens through UTI portal online.

Similar to NSDL, UTI charges 106 INR for every service provided. PAN card number Allotment takes 7 to 10 days and 20 to 25 days to get PAN card delivered to mentioned location in India.

Company has their own Toll free number- 1800220306 which benefits it’s customer in any difficulty, query etc.


• PAN card related services can be applied through their online official website.

• A form named online PAN card application form is to be filled which is common for both correction in PAN card and new allotment.

• Every valid documentation is to be done for verification of identity or proof along with 106 INR payment.

• Payment can be done via any desired form of online transaction and it’s details are available on UTI website.

• After 10 days you could get PAN card no. And hard copy of PAN after 20 to 25 days to your doorstep.


• All services are of similar kind there is not much difference between them.

• Same form as of new PAN allotment is filled for applying for any correction and modifications.

• Fees for these services are also charged which is equal to 106 rupees.

Difference Between NSDL And UTI Pan Card

1. There is no major difference present amongst both the companies, only several minor difference are there which can be ignored.

2. UTI is a government owned company and NSDL is a private company.

3. NSDL provide services to Indian citizens and these services includes PAN card issuing or other related services. On the other hand all above services by UTI are provided to both financial sector and government sector.

4. NSDL centres are widely available throughout the nation compared to UTI which doesn’t have large number of company centres. So, one should apply for the one which is close to there locality

5. Card which has been issued by NSDL will have card printed date written on its front side, this feature can easily distinguish PAN card issued by the company.

6. Re issue of PAN card could only be done once by the same company from which original copy was issued.

7. UTI has also provided offline mode customer care services method along with online website services unlike NSDL who only has its customer support facility available through their website only.

8. Charges and time taken are equal, I.e. 106 INR and up to 25 days of time Fir PAN card delivery. It is found that some of their customers also got their PAN card delivered even before 15 days.

Many companies, agencies and agents promise us to provide PAN card but most of them are fraud. These are companies which is governed under Indian income tax department which can be used for secure issue of PAN card and other related services. Both of the company has similar services, charges and payment option. Difference Between NSDL And UTI Pan Card

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