How To Do Pan Card Printing [Step By Step Guide with Images]

How To Do Pan Card Printing: PAN card is issued by the Income Tax Department of India to get this an applicant must have to submit the same documents and the information required. After the submission of PAN application form, it will take 15-20 days to get a PAN card.

You can submit the application online as well as offline mode. If you want to apply online you need to visit the NSDL website and fill the online application for PAN and upload the documents as mentioned in the form.

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In case you go for the offline mode you need to download the application form for PAN from the NSDL website and submit the filled-in form along with the supporting documents to PAN service center near to your residence.

How To Do Pan Card Printing

How To Do Pan Card Printing

Looking for how to download PAN Card online then right place you visited. If you have lost or misplaced your PAN no need to panic! You can simply download ePAN card in Pdf format. You can also apply for a duplicate copy with the same details.

In April 2017 Central Board of Direct Taxation has introduced the Electronic PAN (ePAN) card which is sent by email to the applicants when they apply for new one. If you are applying for individuals then you can also download the same without any hassle.

How To Do Pan Card Printing

1. Download the PAN Card Service App

2. Install the app on your android phone (device)

3. Enter your Name, Birthdate and Address.

4. Just click the download button.

5. You have successfully downloaded.

This e-PAN facility is started by UTIITSL/NSDL and it is available for applicants who have applied for the new PAN. You need to provide your email id while applying for PAN, if you have provided your email id during the registration then you can download from the email. In the absence of email id at the time of registration, you cannot get this facility.

After the issuance of the PAN card an email is sent on your registered email ID with PDF of the attached ePAN. You can directly download the PAN card in pdf format.

If you have not provided email id during the card registration then you can download the card online. But in this card your picture and signatures are not available. You can also apply for a duplicate copy with the same details.

Who can apply for a new PAN card?

An applicant who never applied for a PAN or does not have PAN allotted to him/her. You can visit the official website of Income Tax Department to find whether a PAN has been allotted to him or not.

What is reprinting of PAN card?

An applicant who has already allotted a PAN card he/she might have misplaced it. A new PAN bearing the same PAN is issued to the applicant. While filing this form you should not select any of the check box on the left margin of the form.

Although the check box for item no 7 Address for communication will be selected by default as this address will be updated in the data of Income Tax Department.

Changes or correction in PAN details

You can use this application when a PAN is already been allotted to the applicant, but there is mistake in the details of the applicant.

You can correct that mistakes in your PAN you will get a new PAN with updated information. You must fill the form and recheck it in order to avoid the mistakes in your PAN card. How To Do Pan Card Printing.

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