How To Find Area Code for Pan Card [Step By Step Guide]

How To Find Area Code for Pan Card: When you apply for a PAN you need to fill the AO code is meant to identify the jurisdiction that an applicant falls under. AO stands for Assessing Officer it is asked at the top of the form and consists of various elements. AO code stands to identify that which jurisdiction can be linked directly to the taxations.

As these codes tell the appropriate authorities what tax laws apply to a person? The tax slabs vary as per the category as an individual has to pay different rates of taxes as compared to a company (Pan Card Status). An AO code is different for the people who are serving the Army or the Air Force. To ensure the individual and companies are taxed as per the appropriate rules the AO code is essential.

How To Find Area Code for Pan Card

How To Find Area Code for Pan Card

AO Code: The officers are assigned to each area to assess the taxation of the people in an area. An AO code is on the form 49A, which shows that it is formed through the combination of multiple elements. The four elements that create an AO code.

Area Code: To identify the geographic location of an individual or a company, the area is assigned this code consists 3 letters.

AO Type: The type facilitates the department to identify the type of PAN card holder as an individual or a company etc.

Range Type: As per the permanent address of a PAN holder, they are assigned a Range Type which helps to identify the ward or circle that they live in.

AO Number: A numerical value that is published by NSDL and it is the last part of the AO Code.

Area code for the Defense Personnel Army PNE
Category Area Code Air-Force DEL
Area code for other applicants Individual (P) 1.Salaried
Applicant Status A.O. Code criteria NA


How To Find Area Code for Pan Card

1. Select the criteria you qualify whether you are an individual, company etc.

2. Select the address based criteria you meet.

3. Download the appropriate list of AO codes from the NSDL website.

4. Open the list in the file using Excel and use the search function to search for your city.

5. Once you find your city in the list check the “Additional Description” field to check if your area is included in that code.

6. After finding the correct code you need to make a note of the Area Code, AO Type, Range Type & the AO number.

Visit the link https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/servlet/AOSearch and below that page, you will see Search a city you need to click the first letter of your city. All the cities of that alphabet will be displayed on your screen. You need to select your city you can check the Ward/Circle/Range Commissioner, Area Code, AO type, Range Code and AO number with a description from that link.

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The list of AO Code helps a PAN applicant to choose the AO codes under whose jurisdiction the applicant of new PAN falls. As per the policy of Income Tax Department the AO code for a PAN may be changed over time. You can contact the local Income Tax Office in order to check which AO your PAN falls. How To Find Area Code for Pan Card.

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