How To Get Duplicate Pan Card [Step By Step Guide with Images]

How To Get Duplicate Pan Card: PAN card is an important document which we need in our day to day life. We require a PAN card for making financial transactions, salary purpose, Purchase up to a certain amount and much more.

It’s better to keep PAN Card with you but on the other hand the chances of losing it increases. A large number of people lost their PAN Card on a daily basis that why the government has provided sufficient measure to ensure a duplicate PAN is simple to get.

How To Get Duplicate Pan Card

How To Get Duplicate Pan Card

You can apply for a duplicate PAN when your card gets lost, stolen, misplaced, damaged or your PAN card contains mistakes. Here are some reasons you need to apply for a duplicate PAN card.

Loss or theft

We all carry our PAN card in our wallets, there are a large number of chances of getting theft of a wallet. Though it is the major reason you need to apply for a duplicate PAN.


A PAN card can be damaged due to various reasons leave us with no option but to reprint it.

Changes of Details

There are great chances of errors to creep into a PAN card. If you require changing something you need to reprint it.

The process to get a duplicate PAN is very simple. First of all, you need to file an FIR for your lost PAN Card. So that you can request for a reprint of your PAN by giving the reference to your old PAN Card and a copy of your FIR.

Most people don’t follow the legal process and instead, they apply for a new PAN card (pan card status). You can apply for a duplicate PAN if you have been already allotted a PAN card. The PAN number doesn’t change, you will get a new PAN Card with other modifications if you mentioned for that.

How To Get Duplicate Pan Card [Step By Step Guide]

1. Visit NSDL Official Site www.onlineservices.nsdl.com

2. You need to click the link titled “Apply Online” and you will be redirected to another page.

3. Click the ‘Application Type’ and go for the option “Changes or Correction in existing PAN Date.

4. Choose the relevant ‘Category’ such as individual, company etc.

5. Fill your information, and answer which has been given in the ‘Title’

6. Give your surname or last name and then give your first name and middle name.

7. Mention your date of birth including month, year and date.

8. Fill your email ID, mobile number and citizenship.

9. After filling all the information you must recheck it.

10. Enter the Captcha Code and submit the form.

11. If all the details submitted by you are correct you need to submit it.

12. After the filing of the form, you need to provide the documents like ID proof, date of birth and photos must be submitted. You can submit proof of the existing PAN card which you wish to reprint.

13. You need to pay an amount of Rs.110/- including of taxes to get your PAN delivered within India and for aboard you need to pay Rs.1020/- including taxes. Payment can be made either through net banking, debit/credit or DD.

14. All supporting documents must be submitted to get an acknowledgment. Which is a 15-digit number which is used for future correspondence with respective authorities.

15. You PAN will be dispatched once the verification of your documents will be done. It will take around 2 weeks’ time for the same.

If you are a registered user, you will get the temporary token number, email ID and date of birth. While applying online application, you can go for the option provide a physical acknowledgment, Aadhaar based e-Sign or Digital Signature Certificate.

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You need to submit the scanned images of signature, photograph and other documents in case you go for Aadhaar based e-Sign or Digital Signature Certificate.

In case the data has been submitted by you fails with respect to format level validation a response indicating error will be displayed on the screen. Rectify all the errors and re-submit the form. In the absence of errors, a confirmation screen will all the details you filed will be displayed. How To Get Duplicate Pan Card.

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