How To Track Pan Card Online [Step By Step Guide]

How To Track Pan Card Online: Permanent Account Number is one of the most important documents in India. All the eligible taxpayers expected to have a PAN Card. PAN has been made necessary by the government of India to do all the financial transactions to be traced to a PAN Card.

If you want to open a bank account, file your income tax, buy immovable property, rent a house etc. All these activities need your PAN Number. It is an important document which is required to apply for a passport.

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You can easily apply for a PAN card through various websites as the government has made the PAN application process simple. You can apply for a new PAN, as well as a duplicate PAN without any hassle. After making the successful application for a PAN you can track the status of your application easily.

How To Track Pan Card Online

How To Track Pan Card Online

You must have the application number to track the application status of your PAN. It will take around 15 working days for an individual to get his/her PAN after making the application for the same. To facilitate the applicant government has made it easy for him/her to track the application status. PAN status simply the delivery status of hard copy of a PAN card.

How to track the PAN Card Status Online?

Online tracking of PAN Application is one of the popular and fastest methods of tracking. You need to follow the simple steps to change the application status.

1. Login the official website of PAN, TIN-NSDL and navigate to the PAN section of the website.

2. Go for the option to check the status of PAN application.

3. Select the application type i.e. New/ Change Request.

4. Fill the acknowledgment number. (In the absence of this number you need to fill the details mentioned below)

5. Type your name.

6. Date of birth in DD/MM/YY format.

When you apply for a PAN through UTI is provided with “Application Coupon Number” at the time of application.

How to track the PAN Card Status by coupon number?

If you have applied for a PAN through UTI you can check the status of your PAN by coupon number. You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.

1. Visit the link http://searchpan.in/uti-pan-status/

2. Fill your application number or coupon number

3. Click the “Check Status” button

4. You PAN status will be on the screen.

How to track the PAN Card Status on e-Mudra?

1. Visit the e-Mudra Portal
2. Enter the reference number, date of birth and verify it through the automatic system request.
3. Click ‘Submit’ to check see the status of your application.

What are the alternatives to PAN?

Form 60 used as an alternative to a PAN, you can use this form for the certain transactions which require a PAN number. Non-Resident Indians can fill form 60 instead of PAN, as PAN card is not mandatory for them. No doubt PAN Card is a useful document and definitely useful for the financial transactions. Apart from the huge financial transactions, you require a PAN to pay a bill over Rs.25000 in a restaurant.

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How to get a PAN Card within 48 after application?

You can get your PAN Card usually within 5 working days if the status of your application is under the process at IT department. Generally, it will take 2 weeks once you receive the physical PAN. Earlier applying for a PAN card used to be a long process, now the fast track process is introduced by the department.

Steps to apply for a PAN in 48 hours?

By following these steps you can get your PAN card in 2 days.

1. Visit the NSDL website and go for the Application form from the options found.

2. Read all the instruction carefully and select the appropriate type of the form to apply.

3. After filing all the information you need to submit the essential documents by uploading them along with application form.

4. Upload the relevant documents and submit the form.

5. You will receive an acknowledgment number in the form of your application number. This number is required to track your application.

6. You will get your PAN card via registered post once the details submitted by you have been verified and processed. How To Track Pan Card Online.

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